Weesgaard catalogues 2023

Weesgaard Dental Products

Katalog – Weesgaard Dental Products

Filling Material & Bonding

Katalog – Weesgaard Dental Products

Instrument Cassettes

Katalog – Mundbind og masker

Oral Surgery Burs

Katalog – Kirurgibor

Implant Explantation

Katalog – Neobiotech Fixture Remover Kit


Katalog – Periimplantitis

Bone Management

Katalog – Knoglesubstitutter, membraner, sårheling, plugs og værktøj

Atraumatic Extraction

Katalog – Skånsom og atraumatisk ekstraktion

Sterile Disposables

Katalog – Sterile & usterile engangsartikler

Trade with Weesgaard Dental & Surgery make sence

We are a family company 

For three generations and more than 45 years, we have been part of the dental industry. Today, the third generation Sebastian S. Weesgaard is managing the company.

You will allways be met with passion

We know what we are talking about and we love what we do, we make every day to make you feel safe and we take pride in providing the best advice and service.
We know everything about the products we have on the shelves and we know the workflow at a dental clinic and daily practice.

Costumer support is our aim and DNA

We place great emphasis on fast and efficient order processing.
We have everything in stock and deliver daily with GLS and UPS.

Best prices on the market

Nothing in our product range can be bought cheaper anywhere else.
We know that a good price is a prerequisite for a good deal.

Products and prices you can belive

We belive in transparency, and transparency on products and prices makes credibility. Thats is why all our prices are visible on our webshop.

We support loyal costumers

If you purchase for minimum 6.500 EUR over a periode of 12 month, you will additionally get 20% off on most of our products, except special offers, turbines and contra angles.

– And this is forever...